Scottish Rite Hamilton Postcard

Scottish Rite Hamilton Postcard


4" x 6"
16pt Matte Finish
2 sided Full colour

Hamilton, Ontario Canada - The SCOTTISH RITE BUILDING was built in 1895 and at the time of its construction it was hailed as one of the finest private residences in the British Commonwealth. Made from imported construction material from France, Italy, Span and Japan it has uniques structures like the 4 storey turret. The interior boasts finishes lined with ornately carved oak, maple, cherrywood and stained glass windows. 

This illustration showcases the building’s castle-like design made of different imported materials. The extreme angle plays up the imposing stature of the structure with its impressive turret and grand entrances. This is one worth checking out when you have a chance, your eyeballs will thank you!

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