Jason Diesbourg

The Artist

is an Illustrator with a background in Graphic Design and Animation. As a child, Jason made silly pictures that his parents put on the fridge and that encouragement inspired him to pursue a life as an illustrator. He always had a love for film and cartoons.

In 2016 Jason designed the Burlington Waterfront Mural and that experience set him on this recent journey, drawing creatively from impressive architecture and landscapes that convey a great sense of history and wonder. He uses strong perspective viewpoints to give a sense of mood and mystery, looking for unique subject matter where he can add his dramatic design flare. His design style is strongly influenced by film and old vintage tourism posters from the 1930s.

Quality promise

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. I spend most of my time and energy for good design and to achieve high quality. Every single detail from material to technique is thought through with obsessive attention.