Shipping Info

Shipped Posters:

Posters are printed as they are ordered. It typically takes about 4 days to have one printed and then however long it takes to ship to your location on top of that. 

Canada, I usually say 2 weeks just to be safe. Once shipped, delays are out of my hands. 
USA, I would give it at least 2 - 3 weeks to get through customs. Once shipped, delays are out of my hands.

All posters are rolled up and shipped in solid sealed mailing tubes that don't bend.  

Local Pick-up:

There is no way in the store to offer free local pick-up, but when you place your order and I see your local address I will contact you and offer a refund on the shipping if you wish to pick the order up in the Hamilton/Burlington area. 

Posters picked up locally are flat and in a plastic resealable bag with a backer board.