St Thomas Ontario Postcard

St Thomas Ontario Postcard


4" x 6"
16pt Matte Finish
2 sided Full colour

St Thomas, Ontario Canada - Railway City.  At one time this was an important railway junction with a total of 26 railways having passed through the city since the first railway was completed in 1856. Jumbo the circus elephant, said to be the world's biggest elephant at the time, died here on September 15, 1885, shortly after being hit by a locomotive. There is a life-sized commemorative statue that was erected in 1985. 

Growing up here wasn't always an easy journey, just like finding a unique take on this print, but I survived! I wanted to lean into the train aspect of the city since it was a vital part of what made St Thomas what it is. So a train had to be a big part of this illustration. There are also nods to Jumbo and the CASO Railway Station here.  

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